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We’re Putting On a Show, like Judy Garland and Andy Rooney Did.
The Barn is the Airtel Plaza and Everyone is Invited to Join In.

Fandomopolis™ is a weekend multi-verse convention, designed by fans for fans, with the aim of harnessing the power of fandom to raise money for charities while creating a fun, interactive environment for attendees.

We aim to educate while entertaining in all areas of fandom: books, comics, television, movies, animation, technology, gaming, steampunk, arts and sciences. In addition to dealers’ room and panels, there will be seminars, hands-on workshops & meetup areas on those topics.   Click here to check out the SCHEDULE for list of guests, panels and screenings

Have fun while doing good at the same time!

Thomas Parham in Costume

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Our Guests

  • Juliet Landau

    Actor and Producer

    Juliet Landau - white coat small
    Jim Henson

    Legacy Guest of Honor

    Jim Henson and Kermit
    Marc Zicree

    Guest of Honor Media Writer

    Thomas Parham

    TV Writer

    Thomas Parham


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